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Woolly Toys
Talking Woolly Soft Toy (Click to Enlarge)

Woolly and Tig toys come from the incredibly popular CBeebies Woolly and Tig show.

Woolly and Tig was created by Brian Jameson, co-produced by Tattiemoon and managed by Brands with Influence. It stars a brave young explorer, Tig, and her helpful animated spider toy Woolly.

The new master toy licencee for Wooly and Tig toys is acclaimed UK toy company Golden Bear. Award-winning Golden Bear can add Woolly and Tig to their growing stable of preschool toy licenses.

Golden Bear’s license covers a wide range of toys. Fans are set to be wowed by plush Wooly and Tig toys as well as figures, playsets, and electronic talking RC Woolly and Tigs.

Golden Bear’s Poseable Talking Woolly Soft Toy emits eight different Woolly phrases and is suitable for even the very youngest children.

RC Woolly Toy
Scampering Remote Control Woolly

The Scampering Remote Control Woolly toy really does move like Woolly from the show and features a very simple to use RC unit in the shape of a colourful steering wheel.

Golden Bear are also releasing mini plush Woolly the Spider pullback-and-go toys.

Woolly the spider toys offer tremendous fun and play value, with electronic interactive Woolly and cuddly plush Woolly spider both an absolute must.

The success of this brand will quickly creep up on retailers as Woolly and Tig toys are snapped up by ardent fans.

Woolly the Spider Toy
Woolly Soft Toy