Construct A Bugz

Construct-A Bugz

Construct a Bugz toys is a new brand from construction toy specialist Character Building.

Construct-A-Bugz are fully compatible with similar construction toys such as lego. The Bugz are collectable and fully customizable, each having interchangeable parts.

Character Building Construct A Bugz
Construct-A Bugz Toys

What’s more, Construct-A-Bugz feature electronics to light up and animate these space-age turbo charged Bugz.

Construct-A Bugz Toys
Construct-A Bugz

Construct-A Bugz Series 1 Battle Bugz include Battle Fly, Battle Dragonfly, Battle Bee and Battle Wasp all with light up eyes and ‘bump and retreat’ electronics.

The range also features smaller insect micro figures, Bug Riderz, which upgrade the larger scale deluxe electronic Bugz.

Firing Cannon Bug Riderz
Bug Riderz

The Firing Cannon Bug Riderz have riding saddles that attach to the larger Construct-A Bugz. Bug Riderz come with a spring-loaded cannon and four missiles. Series 1 Bug Riderz include Wasp Rider, Dragonfly Rider, Fly Rider and Bee Rider.

Construct-A Bugz Nest
Construct-A Bugz Nest

Construct-A Bugz Nest playsets include exclusive collectable Bug Riderz figures as well as head and armour upgrades.

Construct-A-Bugz toys first launch at retail in December 2012, backed by a massive online and TV marketing campaign.

Character Building is a brand name of UK toy maker Character Group plc.

With heavyweight backing, innovative electronic features and cool styling Construct A Bugz toys should literally fly off the shelves!

Construct-A Bugz Figures Display Case