Micro Fuelers

Micro Fuelers Toys

Micro Fuelers are the revolutionary new powered boats from Worx Toys.

Distributed in the UK by Maps Toys, Micro Fuelers boats are propelled not by electronics, but by a few drops of Super Fuel that blends with the surrounding water, breaking the bond between the surface molecules, reducing the surface tension at the rear and magically racing the boats forward. It’s worth pointing out that manufacturer’s website states that the fuel is totally safe for kids, but that it should not be ingested or put in the eyes.

Micro Fuelers toys come in a number of detailed styles such as military style army and navy boats or seafaring galleons. The Micro Fuelers four pack comes with one mystery boat and a Super Fuel tank. The larger Race Track set includes a four feet inflatable track, though the boats will work in an inch or so of water in the bath or indeed anywhere that holds water.

Each boat comes with a coin-shaped stand that is great for both display and as a gaming token for racing your friends. Great for racing, these detailed toy boats are also ideal for collecting and trading.

Micro Fuelers toys may well fuel the next macro playground craze.

Micro Fuelers Toy Boats