Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock Toys

Puffin Rock toys come from the wonderful Irish animated show Puffin Rock.

Puffin Rock, co-produced by Dog Ears and Cartoon Saloon, was first broadcast on Ireland’s RTE Jr channel before airing on Nick Jr in the UK and Netflix in America. Aimed at preschoolers, series 1 was shown in 2015. Series 2 airs in 2016.

Set on a fictional island, the show follows the adventures of Oona the young puffling. Oona has a younger brother Baba. She also has many friends including Mossy the shrew, Otto the owl, Silky the seal, Bernie the crab and May the rabbit. Oona’s friends help her and Baba overcome the many daily challenges they face. The show centres around family, friendship and nature.

Licensing agent Hoho Rights are looking to appoint a master toy partner for Puffin Rock. Already Penguin Random House are set to bring out a line of books based on the characters.

The show’s classic feel translates very well into a range of toys, both plush and plastic, including figures and playsets. Top of young fans wish lists are Oona and Baba plush Puffin Rock toys.