Numtums Toys

Numtums is the brilliant new CBeebies show for preschoolers that is certain to translate into a fun and educational range of Numtums toys.

The Numtums is a mix of live action and CGI animation starring ten cute animal characters with numbers on their tummies. Toy Numtums are actually based on a real-life Australian critter called a numbat.

The Numtums are numbered one to ten. Their numbers light up when they squeeze their noses. The Numtums animals all have stripey tails in a range of different colours.

Great for kids to help them get a headstart with numbers, Numtums really lend themselves to toy designers.

The BBC have not yet appointed a master toy licensee for Numtums toys.

If and when the BBC do license Numtums as a toy brand, the series will provide countless opportunities for toy companies to design, retailers to stock, and fans to collect Numtums toys.