Invizimals Toys
Invizimals Toys

Invizimals toys are one of a new generation of toys based not on book, TV or movie characters but on apps and computer games. The virtual Invizimals are from the game of the same name for PSP or Play Station Portable.

Invizimals was launched in 2009 with a follow up game Invizimals Shadow Zone the following year. Players battle through different environments to track down the Invizimals.

Licensed by Target Entertainment on behalf of Sony, a range of Invizimals toys and merchandise has been released to satisfy fan demand.

Comansi make a range of licensed Invizimals toy figurines. Edibas Collections BV also produce Invizimals toys including mini figures and trading cards.

Invizimals toys show one of the key future directions of the toy licensing and toy branding businesses with the convergence of media across many different platforms.