Holografx Toys

HolograFX toys is a magical new 3D holograph toy from John Adams.

Huntingdon-based UK toymaker John Adams is best known for its range of traditional toys. Its HolograFx toys use licensed technology from Delaware-based HolograFX Inc, a subsidiary of Entertainment Arts.

HolograFX toyHolografx’s patented technology allows moving images to appear to float as animated three dimensional holograms without the necessity of 3D glasses.

With John Adams HolograFX toy, kids can download the Holografx app and choose either pre-programmed 3D shows, or literally transform images of themselves into ‘magic’ 3D animations.

The Holografx toy combines a traditional magic show element with an ultra modern Holografx app in a show that will impress kids and adults alike.

Holografx Toys