CuddleBoo Toys

CuddleBoo Cat Toy
CuddleBoo Baby Cutie

CuddleBoo is the brand new range of cuddly toys from preschool specialist Golden Bear.

CuddleBoo toys are smart interactive pets that are also uniquely soft and cuddly. Touch or stroke CuddleBoo pets in different places to get different sound effects.

But watch out if you pull their tails!

CuddleBoo Plush Toys
CuddleBoo Toys by Golden Bear

Golden Bear’s CuddleBoo plush toys are available in different sizes and colours.

The initial range includes the CuddleBoo Baby Cutie Kitten, the Cuddle Boo Puppy, and the CuddleBoo Cutie Family Dog and Puppy or Family Cat and Kitten.

Also choose between the Cutie Chocolate Labrador, the Cutie Golden Labrador or the Baby Cutie Black Labrador Puppy

CuddleBoo pets even come with their own feeding bowls and baskets.

Electronic pets like CuddleBoo offer the advantage of being fully interactive without offering some of the messier challenges of real life pets!

CuddleBoo plush toys made their debut at London’s Toy Fair in January and are available at retail from Spring 2013.

CuddleBoo Cuties
CuddleBoo Cutie Family