U Hugs

U Hugs Toys

U Hugs toys are the fun new collectable dolls from Flair.

The initial range includes six dolls to collect – Starry Fairy, Scary Baby, Screamy Queen, Scratchy DJ, Sweety Rock and Sassy Fashion. Each U Hug has unique personality traits. For instance, Sassy Fashion is a style diva who just cannot live without her phone.
U Hugs Dolls
What’s unique about U Hugs are the holes on the soft plastic dolls that allow you to personalise your character with the pins supplied. You can easily change the look and personality of your U Hug doll. Each toy comes with twelve pins. The pins can be safely stored in the UHug doll’s secret compartment. Many of the parts are interchangeable so that the more U Hugs dolls you have the greater the possibilities for customising their look.

Six brand new dolls will be added in Autumn 2016, as well as accessory Pin Packs to add to your U Hugs collection. There will also be limited edition themed sets and a vanity playset with exclusive U Hug doll.

What’s more, the secret compartment even stores a hook so that you can hang your UHugs toy on, for example, a backpack and take it with you wherever you go and have it reflect your style and mood.

UK toy company Flair recently combined with European giant Giochi Preziosi. Flair plan social media events and a dedicated website to host 26 ninety second UHugs webisodes. U Hugs toys launch in January 2016 with a huge TV advertising campaign.

U Hugs Dolls

Uhugs Dolls