Sing-a-ma-Lings toys are the creation of innovative toy maker Funrise.

The Funrise Toy Corporation, part of Matrix Holdings, are headquartered in the United States and have offices in Milton Keynes. The company is known for other pocket money brands such as Stackins, Pound Puppies and Moja.

Affectionately described as ‘silly little singing things’ the Sing-a-ma-Lings are a new range of interactive plush bears. Available in a range of colourways, each character is differently styled to appeal to both boys and girls.

Press the Sing-a-ma-Ling’s tummy to hear them sing a tune and even move their mouths in time with the music. The initial range launches in the first quarter of 2016 with six different characters, each one with its own song.

Sing-a-ma-lings bears have three modes, activated by squeezing the paw – sing, melody and jibber jabber. In sing and melody modes their moths open as they sing. Place two or more bears together and they will harmonise. In jibber jabber mode the Singamalings chat away in their own unique language.

Funrise will be hoping that Sing-a-ma-Lings toys are the new all-singing all-dancing craze toy that will sweep the nation’s playgrounds.

Singamalings Toys

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