Minecraft Toys

Minecraft toys are based on the incredibly popular Minecraft video game.

The multi-award winning Minecraft game was created by legendary Swedish programmer Markus Persson and developed by Mojang, the company he co-founded, for release in 2009. Many people opt to play it whilst in voice chat with friends, using https://www.headphonage.com/best-gaming-headset-under-100/ headsets to keep it social. It has become a phenomenon in its own right.

Minecraft ToysMinecraft, a powerful user created 3-D world made of coloured blocks, is currently available as a PC game, on the Xbox platform, and as a downloadable iOS and Android Pocket Minecraft app, all platforms have the option play together (on their respective platform, unfortunately, it isn’t crossplay) with the use of online servers from server providers such as Epic Minecraft Servers and more.

Besides this, Minecraft has a very versatile gameplay that can be programmed to be played by multiple people in different locations. Similar to existing Minecraft servers, those adept at coding can create their own Minecraft server and play with friends. In fact, there are many a minecraft modding course that teaches children and pre-teens the fundamentals of Minecraft codes. This way, children can explore the fun of the game’s universe while also having learnt some programming in the process!

Popularity of the iconic game and the angular toys it has spawned has literally exploded, fuelled by social media, YouTube and word of mouth. While older gamers might be reminded of games with a similar design style, such as Super Mario which you can still play on websites like Gamulator.com, Minecraft is much more immersive. Rather than being a 2-D platform game, the 3-D world gives players an almost endless world to explore and the ability to create. It is this creative element that has arguably led to its unprecedented popularity.

In mid-2012, following huge fan demand, Lego released the first Lego Minecraft set with micro Steve and Creeper figures. This was quickly followed by Lego Minecraft The Village and Minecraft The Nether playsets.

Minecraft Toys
In April 2013 licensed toy specialist Jazwares were awarded the global master toy license to make Minecraft toys.

Florida-based Jazwares released a wide range of Minecraft merchandise from late 2013 including plastic figures, plush and paper craft toys. In the UK Jazwares Minecraft toys are distributed by Character Options.

Minecraft Steve FigureThe Jazwares 3-inch scale Minecraft figures available so far include Steve, Creeper, Zombie and Enderman. Each articulated figure comes with a block accessory. The Survival Pack set includes the Minecraft Steve figure as well as a sword, pickaxe, bed, treasure chest and special block accessories.

There are also larger 6″ scale vinyl figures of Steve, Diamond Steve and Creeper by video game specialist retailer Jinx who run the official Minecraft store.

Look out too for collectable Minecraft plush figures and larger scale feature talking plush Minecraft toys.

Role play toys include the Minecraft Foam Sword, Foam Diamond Sword and Foam Diamond Pickaxe.

Minecraft Paper CraftPaper Craft Minecraft sets are available in 1/16 scale with 30, 48 or 90 pieces. Sets released include Hostile Mobs, Utility Pack, Shelter Pack and Storage Chest Deluxe.

With the ongoing viral popularity of the game, it seems a virtual certainty that an unlimited number of Minecraft toys will be spawned.

Minecraft Plush

Minecraft Figures
3″ Minecraft Action Figures by Jazwares Toys
Minecraft Foam Swords
Minecraft Foam Sword, Diamond Foam Sword & Diamond Pickaxe
Minecraft Cardboard Heads
Minecraft Cardboard Heads by Jinx
Minecraft Vinyl Figures
Minecraft 6″ Vinyl Figures by Jinx
Minecraft Papercraft
Minecraft Papercraft
Minecraft Steve and Creeper Figures
Minecraft Steve Battles 3″ Creeper Figure
Minecraft Steve and Enderman Figures
Steve is Mobbed by 3″ Enderman and Creeper Figures
Minecraft Plush
Minecraft Plush Baby Pig and Mooshroom