Oodlebrites Toys

Oodlebrites toys are the new light up plush range from Vivid.

Vivid, headquartered in Guildford, have been behind a number of top selling craze toys and they’ll be hoping that Oodlebrites are the next big thing.

Magically, Oodlebrites change colour when they are tapped. At launch there will be a range of six plush colourways to choose from, all with outsized eyes and heads plus tiny tails and paws. The initial range includes a horse character, mouse, dog, cat and monkey.

These cuddly plush light up toys are great for a fun game of catch, coming to life and changing colour with each bump.

Put your Oodlebrite toy on auto colour change mode, and it will also act as a soothing bedside night light.

Oodlebrites toys will give a warm, soft glow to kids and parents alike.

Oodlebrites Toys