Kawaii Crush

Kawaii Crush

Kawaii Crush is a major new brand of girls toys from Spin Master.

Kawaii is a Japanese pop-culture term for ‘cuteness’ or cool. In Japan the kawaii design concept has been widely applied, and not just to toys.

The brand launches in Autumn 2013 with Kawaii Crush Cuddly Pet Collection, a range of eight cute, collectable dolls with changeable fashion accessories and clothing. Every doll in the Cuddly Pet Collection comes with its own unique adorable kawaii pet, each with its own cute pet outfit.

The Cuddly Pet Collection is the first of many more Kawaii Crush themed doll sets to launch. Initial playsets to accompany the kawaii doll collection include the Hyper Happy Mall Set with its shopping theme; Kawaii Crush Mini Playsets with Sunglasses and Candy themes; and, the Custom Car with pet bear theme.

In addition to dolls, playsets and toys, the Kawaii Crush brand will be extended into a wider merchandising programme with a dedicated website for fans to follow online.

Spin master’s cute Kawaii Crush toys and dolls are aimed primarily at girls aged 6 to 8.