Deadly 60

Deadly 60 Toys and Micro Deadlies
Deadly 60 Toys

Deadly 60 toys are based around the incredibly popular Deadly 60 animal series.

Deadly 60 is a show on CBBC and stars presenter Steve Backshall and crew as they travel the world in search of 60 deadly and often critically endangered animals. The show looks to educate its young viewers on endangered species in the hopes that these children will try and make a difference in the future. By shining a light on these endangered species, the audience may decide to try and prevent the extinction of some of these animals. There are many ways to help endangered animals, so some people may want to find out more about some of the different ways that people can help protect wildlife. Hopefully, more species will be saved with the help of the public.

Licensed by BBC Worldwide, respected UK toy company Character Options are releasing a new range of plush and plastic toys themed on the awesome Deadly 60 brand.

The toy launch follows the huge success of Deadly 60 trading cards.

Micro Deadlies Toys and Micro Deadlies Figures
Steve Backshall's Deadly 60 Micro Deadlies
Deadly 60 Micro Deadlies
Micro Deadlies

Character ‘Micro Deadlies’ toys are mini figures of some of the Deadly 60 animals encountered by Steve Backshall. Micro Deadlies toys first launch in January 2012.

There are 25 Micro Deadlies in the first wave sold in blind bags and retailing for around £2 each under the Character Building range.

Deadly 60 Micro Figures Series 1
Deadly 60 Micro Figures Series 1
Micro Deadlies Series 1
Micro Deadlies Series 1

Deadly 60 Micro Deadlies Figures Series 1 includes three Micro Deadly versions of the Steve Backshall figure – Jungle Steve, Arctic Steve and Scuba Steve.

Animals featured in Series 1 of the Deadly 60 Micro Deadlies are Polar Bear, Pacific Octupus, Black Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Burmese Python, Saltwater Crocodile, Platypus, King Cobra, Wolf, Walrus and Lioness.

Deadly 60 Canoe Set
Deadly Amazon Steve & Canoe Set
Micro Deadlies Series 2
Series 2 Deadly 60 Figures (Click to Enlarge)

Series 2 Deadly 60 Figures include Giant Anteater, Golden Eagle, White Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Komodo Dragon, Black Jaguar, Box Jellyfish, White-Backed Vulture, Eastern Diamond Backed Rattlesnake, African Elephant, Black Bear and Vampire Bat, plus two new Steve Backshall figures – Skier Steve and Deep Sea Diver Steve.

Steve Backshall 10
Steve Backshall Deadly 60 Figures

As well as the Micro Deadly Figures, Character are also releasing a 10″ scale Steve Backshall figure in various outfits plus a Deadly 60 Deadly Amazon Steve & Canoe Set. There’s a 10″ Steve Backshall figure in diver’s suit, Steve in canoe gear with life jacket, and a Steve in jungle fatigues with a jacket and Deadly 60 t-shirt.

The Character 10″ Deadly 60 action figures are fully poseable and come with accessories and ‘real’ clothing.

Deadly 60 Toys
Deadly 60 Toys

In addition to the Deadly 60 Micro Figures there’s also a range of larger Deadly Animal 2-Packs.

Look out for the Steve Backshall Deadly 60 Jeep, ‘Steve’s Safari with Jeep’, and an assortment of five Deadly 60 ‘Deadly Bugs and Beasties’ playsets.

Character Building Deadly 60 Sets
Character Building Deadly 60 Sets

Other Deadly 60 toys include Deadly 60 playsets, role play toys and Deadly 60 action figures. Look out for Deadly 60 Night Vision Goggles, and the Deadly 60 Pond Viewer and Insect Viewer.

Games include Ruckus Deadly 60 and a Deadly 60 board game, both by Imagination.

Deadly 60 Micro Deadly Figures - Snow Leopard
Deadly 60 Micro Deadly Figures - Snow Leopard

Deadly 60 joins Character’s growing range of Character Building lego-style construction toys.

Steve Backshall and Deadly 60 Micro Figure
Deadly 60 Presenter Steve Backshall and Deadly 60 Micro Deadly Figure