Kaotiks Toys

Kaotiks is an innovative new brand of vehicle toys for boys.

Kaotiks toys are distributed in the UK by Peterkin Ltd. Peterkin have been distributing toys from their Leicester headquarters for over 60 years.

Privately owned US toy design company Redwood Ventures are the creators of this new boys vehicle brand.

Kaotiks Toys Skybender Stadium Playset
Kaotiks Skybender Stadium

There are a range of different Kaotiks playsets, in varying colours, as well as Kaotiks racing cars to collect. Initially there are three interconnecting playsets to collect. The blue-themed Kaotics Thunderwave, green-themed Kaotics Psychoplex and red-styled Kaotics Skybender Stadium playset.

Kaotiks Thunderwave Playset
Kaotiks Thunderwave

The cars are controlled by Scalextrics-style wireless handheld RC trigger units. With super-fast acceleration Kaotics cars can fly up the ramps, flip over 180 degrees and still carry on driving.

With Kaotiks cars kids can perform a variety of cool ‘Kaos’ tricks including spins and jumps on the specially designed Kaotiks track and ramps.

Kaotiks toys are available from June 2013.

Kaotiks Playsets and Cars
Kaotiks Toys