Magi-Pics Toys

Magipics toys are a new craft toy for girls from Oldham-based toy designers Character Options.

With Magi-Pics playsets you can roll out the special dough, apply stencils and stamps, and then fit the design into your own personalised greeting cards, letters and bookmarks.

The ‘magic’ part comes when you hold the design up to the light and a 3D picture comes to life!

Magi-Pics Toy Studio
Magi-Pics Studio

There are three sets to choose from; Magi-Pics Greeting Card Maker, Magi-Pics Letter Maker and the complete Magi-Pics Studio which features a range of stencils, stamps and a roller.

Character’s Magi-Pics toys roll out very soon and will be heavily TV advertised.

Magi-Pics Letter Maker and Greeting Card Maker