Jelly Jamm

Jelly Jamm toys

Jelly Jamm toys are made under license by Bandai toys.

Bandai UK Ltd is a subsidiary of Japanese toy giant Namco Bandai, the world’s third largest toy company.

Jelly Jamm is a 3D animated TV series produced in Madrid with the backing of Bandai as co-producer. It features the musical adventures of five kids living on the planet Jammbo.

In the UK Jelly Jamm has aired on Cartoonito and Channel 5’s Milkshake to popular acclaim.
Jelly Jamm Plush Toys - Plush Bello, Mina and Rita
Aimed primarily at pre-schoolers, Bandai are releasing a new range of collectable Jelly Jamm toys including Jelly Jamm figures and Jelly Jamm plush characters. Also available at retail are Jelly Jamm playsets and interactive electronic Jelly Jamm vehicles such as Bello’s Car.

Look out for Mini Plush Jelly Jamm including Rita, Bello and Mina, larger Talkin Plush Rita and Bello, Mini Plush Dodos with sound effects, and plastic Jelly Jamm figurines.

Other merchandise from Bandai includes an innovative Jelly Jamm lunchbox with built-in drinking bottle.

Bandai’s collectable Jelly Jamm figures of Ongo, Goomo, Rita, Bello and Mina along with the King and Queen of Jammbo will be released in 2013.

Bello's Car from Jelly Jamm
Bello's Car