Umizoomi toys based on the hit TV show Team Umizoomi are sure to be top scorers in the educational toys category.

Umizoomi Toys
Umizoomi Toys

Team Umizoomi are the mini maths superhero friends Milli, Geo and Bot. They live in Umi City and are expert mini problem solvers.

Milli, 6, is an expert in patters, measuring and fashion. Brother Geo zooms everywhere on skates and is the expert builder. As friendly team robot, Bot has all the gadgets and tech-stuff, including Umi Alarm and built-in screen.

Team Umizoomi builds a great fun world of shapes, patterns and numbers that can help younger viewers solve everyday mathematics problems.

If demand is anything to go by, Team Umizoomi toys will be a calculated success. Parents of pre-schoolers are always on the lookout for fun and educational toys and Umizoomi toys fit this brief very well.

The animated TV show Team Umizoomi currently airs on Viacom’s Nick Jr channel.