Shnooks are a new brand of pocket money toys. Shnooks toys are ideal for younger girls.

Shnooks Toys
Shnooks Toys

Shnooks are colourful plush toys for girls. Shnooks toys may also include toy hair accessories.

The real catch of Shnooks is that when you open the vacuum sealed blister pack the Shnook toy magically grows up to eight times in size!

There are a whole family of plush Shnooks to collect in different colours. Each Shnook toy has a coloured head of hair for styling with the toy hair accessories supplied.

The Shnooks range of toys first became available in The UK from 2011 and it is anticipated that the brand will quickly grow and develop over time as awareness increases.

Shnooks is a registered trademark of Sertan Entertainment Ltd. The distributor in the UK for Shnooks toys is Character Options.