Angry Birds Toys

Angry Birds toys are the first toy brand derived from an iPhone game titled, of course, Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds game, by Rovio Mobile, has had tens of millions of paid downloads from eager Angry Birds fans.

Angry Birds Toys
Angry Birds Toys

The basic premise is that the Angry Birds must launch themselves at the Green Pig fort to regain their stolen eggs.

In the UK Angry Birds toys are distributed by fast growing toy company Character Options.

There are initially twenty different plush Angry Birds toys available in a variety of bright colours and different sizes.

The popular Green Pig Angry Bird toy, for example, is available in 5″, 8″ and 16″ sizes. Angry Bird Green Pig toys include Green Pig, Moustache Pig, King Pig and Helmet Pig.

Amongst the Angry Bird toys you can get Blue Bird, White Bird, Red Bird, Black Bird
and Yellow Bird, each available in three different sizes.

Plush Angry Birds toys also make appropriate squawking and chirping noises. Angry Birds plush with sound effects debut in 2013.

Spring 2013 sees the release of Angry Birds Mash’ems. Angry Birds Mash’ems are soft squidgy Angry Birds characters that squeak when squeezed.

It seems clear that we will see further Angry Bird toys such as the rumoured catapault Angry Birds game in which Angry Birds are launched at the Green Pig Fort. Angry Birds Catch n Splat, and Angry Birds Splat Strike games will be released in 2013.

What is also clear is that toy brands based on popular iPhone apps have great potential.

Angry Birds is a registered trademark and is copyright Rovio Mobile Ltd.