Teutans Toys

Teutans Heroes FiguresTeutans is a brand of battling app toys from IMC.

Headquartered in Barcelona, global Spanish toy company IMC specializes in licensed toys, but Teutans is a brand created entirely in-house.

Every collectable Teutans toy figure comes with a code that unlocks the character in the Teutans app. Three Teutan Heroes are already unlocked whilst others can be unlocked by placing the figures on tablet or smartphone screen.

Teutans App ToysThe Teutans app is available as a free download from the App Store or Google Play.

Teutan Heroes do battle with an enemy robot force known as the Badulls.

Teutans action figures are fierce-looking four-legged battling creatures. There are an initial six Teutan Heroes to collect – Zed, Muz, Kral, Wom, Levo and Quake.

Teutans can fire spring-loaded projectiles, either balls or missiles, through their mouths at their Badulls enemies. Teutans stand 13cm high and come with a firing range net and two Badulls.

The Teutans Badulls toys are available separately in blind bags with two Badulls figures supplied plus ten bullets and two missiles. There are 12 different variants of the Badulls enemies with names like Z8, Z9, X9 and X8. Each has detachable parts.

Not only do Teutans toys unlock characters online in the app game, but their articulation and projectile firing capabilities make them great fun offline too.

Teutans Figures