iCuties DolliCuties are the amazing new interactive app dolls from Spin Master Toys.

Spin Master have consistently strived to be at the forefront in toy innovation since their foundation in 1994. The iCuties app doll stretches the boundaries of traditional play into the 21st century.

Download the free iCuties app on your iOS or Android smart phone or tablet to interact with Maddy.

The iCuties toy doll plays games with you, dances along to tunes and can even call or text you on the phone!

ICuties ToysWhat’s more she has a wonderful range of glamorous accessories that she can recognize. Available iCuties accessories include hair brushes, hair curlers, headphones, cupcakes, jewellery, makeup and even iCuties pets.

The iCuties toy range is aimed at girls aged 5 to 8 and launches in the second half of 2014 with a big PR campaign.

Smart, cute and interactive the iCuties toy brand is definitely one for the future.

iCuties Dolls