Sweet Lollies

Sweet Lollies Dolls

Sweet Lollies Dolls Punk SweetsSweet Lollies toys are a contemporary range of traditional rag dolls from Aurora Toys.

Aurora Toys specialize in beautiful plush toys and dolls and believe in the continuing importance of revitalizing traditional toys such as the rag doll, everyone knows it’s nice to have toys with a history. The brand is divided into themed dolls with different personalities and interests.

Sweet Lollies Toys Victorian Sweets RagdollsSweet Lollies like baking, Victorian Sweets enjoy dress making and the Punk Sweets play in a band. Although they all excel at what they do, these rag dolls always meet up at the Bakery Café.

Aurora’s classic Sweet Lollies dolls all feature removeable clothes. The clothes are in fact based on today’s real life modern fashions in fabric colours and styles.

Sweet Lollies toy dolls prove that some classic styles never go out of fashion.

Sweet Lollies Toys

Sweet Lollies Toy Ragdolls