Lil Fishys

Lil Fishys Toys

Lil’ Fishys are the new motorized water pets from Peterkin Toys.

Leicester-based Peterkin UK Ltd have been making toys since 1948.

The great fun bathtime Lil’ Fishys toys are propelled along by their incredible moving tails.

By changing the angle of the tail you can alter the way your pet Fishy swims.

Lil Fishys Chomps Aquarium PlaysetThere are six Lil’ Fishys to collect in the first assortment – Lucky and Sunny the tropical fish, Dipper the dolphin, plus Chomps, Hammie and Jawbones the sharks.

Peterkin are also releasing the Lil’ Fishy Aquarium Playset which comes with a 21cm aquarium, aquarium accessory, sticker sheet and one lucky fish to swim in it.

Following the success of Robofish and Hexbug Aquabots, Peterkin’s Lil’ Fishys toys will undoubtedly make a splash of their own.

Lil' Fishys