PL-UG Toys

PL-UG is the new Build Your Own Den toy from Asobi.

Build Your Own Den Toy

UK company Asobi, meaning ‘play’ in Japanese, have created a unique range of eco-toys that encourage play through value-for-money battery-less toys.

The PL-UG den building toy consists of a system of clamps, connectors, suction cups, pegs and hooks with which kids can transform everyday household objects into fantastic dens.

Plug Build Your Own DenFor example, PL-UG connectors can easily connect to chairs and tables inside or trees and posts in the garden for hours of imaginative play. What’s more, every time you build your own den it will be completely unique.

There are an initial three sets released in the range. The starter Build Your Own Den – Den Kit includes several den building fasteners. The mid-range Build Your Own Den Canopy Den Kit includes a star-patterned sheet and several fasteners.

The premium Build Your Own Den Ultimate Den Kit includes all the Pl-UG fasteners as well as the useful canopy sheet to assist den building.

Asobi’s PL-UG Build Your Own Den toys fill an exciting new gap in the indoor-meets-outdoor toy market.

Pl-ug den fastners