Small Potatoes

Small Potatoes Toys

Small Potatoes toys are on the way.

Toys from the smash hit kids animated show Small Potatoes are made under license by innovative Californian collectibles specialist Jada Toys.

The Small Potatoes show first aired on CBeebies in 2011.

Jada Toys are the master global toy licensee for Small Potatoes Toys.

The timeless and charming Small Potatoes show is a property of New York City based Little Airplane, creators of the much-loved Wonderpets and 3rd and Bird shows.

Small Potatoes toys under development include Small Potatoes figures, both plastic and plush, as well as playsets, inflatables and musical instruments to accompany the singing potato stars Ruby, Nate, Olaf and Chip.

Small Potatoes toys look set to be a big hit with the shows dedicated legions of fans.