Mutant Busters

Mutant Busters Toya

Mutant Busters toys are a new range of boys collectable figures and vehicles from Famosa.

Four new Mutant Busters apps are available to download and the very first webisode is available to view on Youtube.

Leading Spanish toymaker Famosa initially launched the range in several different European countries before releasing them in the UK in January 2015.

In Mutant Busters, humanoid Resistance fighters do battle with alien Mutants on Panic Island.

The toy range consists of a line of highly collectable Mutant Busters figures and vehicles. The colourful figures, made up of Resistance and Mutants, feature articulation, weapons accessories and accompanying trading cards.

Hero product in the Mutant Busters toy range is the interactive Panic Island Playset with battling features and exclusive figures.

Mutant Busters Panic Island Toy