Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum toys are based on the smash hit Little Baby Bum nursey rhymes channel on YouTube.

Little Baby Bum Toys
Little Baby Bum Toys

Little Baby Bum is an internet sensation with young preschool youtubers and their parents flocking to the channel in their millions.

Something of an online brand specialist, Commonwealth Toys and Novelty spotted the retail potential of the channel and had no hesitation in snapping up the rights to Little Baby Bum toys.

The initial line consists of a range of 10 inch interactive plush characters from the webisodes. Each plush Little Baby Bum toy will emit four different nursery rhymes. In addition, the characters will be available in smaller scale plush formats.

With the addition of Little Baby Bum Junior, the channel are hoping to extend the appeal to a slightly older audience.

Little Baby Bum toys should make a very big splash when they enter the retail market.