K'Force Toys

K’Force toys are the new brand of foam dart guns by K’Nex.

K’Nex is a hugely popular rod and connector based construction toy founded in the USA in 1992. Now K’Nex have entered the foam dart gun war challenging Hasbro’s Nerf range and Mattel’s BoomCo guns.

The unique selling point with the K’Force blasters are that each toy comes in a kit and is fully constructable and customisable. A variety of toy models are available to choose from including rifles, pistols and bows, each with multi-coloured swappable parts.

K’Force toys can be assembled, disassembled and rebuilt in myriad ways. The unique buildable blasters can be used for both target practice or in fun battles with friends.

K’Nex K’Force toys debuted at the London Toy Fair in January 2015. In the battle for foam dart gun supremacy, K’Force toys should make a big impact at retail.