Kaboinx Toy

Kaboinx toys are the electronic bouncing ball toys from Sambro.

Bury-based Sambro, a wholesale distributor of licensed toys and games, are confident that Kaboinx will be the next big playground craze toy.

Designed by Hong Kong-based Boti Global Ltd, Kaboinx balls bounce like any other, but housed within each rubber ball is a digital pet that makes gaming even more fun and develops the more kids play with it.

To enhance collectability each differently styled ball has its own digital character shown on the ball’s in-built LED screen. The initial range features six characters to collect.

A variety of innovative games are possible with Kaboinx balls. What’s more, play in the real world helps unlock content on an interactive website. For instance, the key Bounce A Million game counts every bounce until, at the million mark, secret content is unlocked on the kaboinx website.

Kaboinx can also be used as a great fun alarm clock. Each toy comes with its very own charger.

Sambro’s Kaboinx toys should have kids jumping up and down the retail aisles.