Crazy Crystals

Crazy Crystals Toys

Crazy Crystals toys are the great fun new arts and crafts sand toys from Spin Master.

Spin Master are launching Crazy Crystals under their well-established Wacky-Tivities brand.

Crazy Crystals uses coloured sand to fill and decorate a variety of moulded objects such as photo frames, flower vases, animal characters, skulls, hearts, mermaids and more.

Simply select your mould, choose from one of 12 different sand colours, fill it with the funnel, tap it down with the poker and seal the top. You can even mix and match your Crazy Crystals colours to make amazing unique customised designs!

There are a wide variety of Crazy Crystals playsets to choose from including Photo Frame, Flower Vase, and Skulls and Hearts. Each set comes with an assortment of moulds, sticks of coloured sand, a funnel and a poking tool.

Spin Master’s Crazy Crystals toys are a great fun way of playing with sand and designing unique objects at the same time.

Crazy Crystals Toys