World of Warriors

World of Warriors

World of Warriors toys are set to conquer the retail space as Mind Candy’s latest digital game hits the screens.

In the World of Warriors game epic warriors assembled from throughout history battle for survival in the unforgiving regions of Wildlands.

Initial World of Warriors characters include Samurai, Scythian, Roman, Mongol, Knight, Kievan Knight, Italian Knight, Shaolin, Hittite, Celt, Gladiator, Gaul, Ming, Apache, Ottoman, Toki, Hwarang, Assyrian, Aztec, Blue Berserker, Umayyad, Mauryan, Zande, Ninja and Viking.

The warrior game can be played on both iOS and Android devices and has been developed by London-based Mind Candy, creators of the Moshi Monsters phenomenon.

Mind Candy are currently in discussions with potential licensees and retailers to develop an incredible new range of World of Warriors toys.

Fans can expect a major new line of collectable World of Warriors figures and playsets, plus trading cards, as well as plush, role-play and interactive toys.

World of Warriors toys are sure to unleash an almighty battle for digital and retail space.