Tree Fu Tom Toys

Tree Fu Tom Toys
Tree Fu Tom Toys

Tree Fu Tom Figures Ultimate Tom
Ultimate Tom

Tree Fu Tom toys are derived from the new CBeebies hit show Tree Fu Tom.

Italian toy maker Giochi Preziosi is the master licensee for Tree Fu Tom toys. In the UK the toys are distributed by GP subsidiary Flair PLC. The animated Tree Fu Tom series is the creation of FremantleMedia Enterprises.

Tree Fu Tom Figures
Tree Fu Tom Figures

Tree Fu Tom is 8 year old Tom Powers, a boy with magical powers who lives in an enchanted tree where he casts magic spells and (hopefully) gets young viewers involved in a series of gentle exercises. Tom’s Magic Belt helps him transform into a superhero for adventures in Treetopolis.

The show debuts in 2012 with 26 episodes of 22 minutes and is a co-production of CBeebies In House Productions and FreemantleMedia Enterprises.

Tree Fu Tom Figures
Tree Fu Tom Deluxe Figures

Tree Fu Tom was created and produced by Daniel Bays with stunning animation by Blue Zoo Animation.

Tree Fu Tom toys will be accompanied by Tree Fu Tom games, playsets, vehicles, books and more. A possible future hero product in the Tree Fu Tom toy range could be the Treetopolis Playset with Tree Fu Tom action figure.

Flair have confirmed the release of Tree Fu Tom toys for Spring 2013. Tree Fu Tom figures will include Tree Fu Tom, Twigs, Squirm and Ariela. Look out for deluxe figures such as Tom with friction powered leaf skateboard.

Zigzoo's Wagon by Flair
Zigzoo's Wagon Playset with Tree Fu Tom, Twigs and Zigzoo figures

The larger scale Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom figure features light and sound effects with over 30 of Tom’s favourite phrases from the show.

Tree Fu Tom Adventure Castle Playset
Adventure Castle Playset

Playsets confirmed include Tom’s Adventure Castle Playset, Zigzoo’s Wagon and Ariela and Teabiscuit Rodeo. Each feature accessories compatible with the figures.

Tree Fu Tom Toy Super Holopax
Super Holopax

Flair are also releasing role play Tree Fu Tom toys such as the Magic Sapstone Belt and Super Holopax Set.

The Magic Sapstone Belt has an interactive buckle; act out special moves to make the Sapstone glow brighter.

The Super Holopax snaps onto your wrist and features lights and sound effects from the show.

Tree Fu Tom Rap Mat
Tree Fu Tom Magic Moves Rap Mat

Flying Squizzle, one of Tree Fu Tom’s favourite games, is also being released as a toy from Surrey-based Flair.

The ‘must have’ toy from the line is the Tree Fu Tom Magic Moves Rap Mat. Set to music from the show, follow the flashing lights to perform Tree Fu Tom’s special moves and get to the next level.

Holopax Set Tree Fu Tom toy
Tree Fu Tom Holopax