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Matt Hatter Chronicles Toys

Matt Hatter Chronicles Toys derive from the incredibly popular Matt Hatter Chronicles animated TV show. Matt Hatter toys are set to be released by many of the world’s largest toy companies.

Matt Hatter Chronicles is co-produced by Platinum Films and Endemol. Matt Hatter is a multi-platform property for children of all ages.

Platinum Films use a process they call ‘digital clay’ to create the richly detailed animation of Matt Hatter Chronicles. An advantage of this process for toy companies is that they can use the same digital clay sculpts to design very detailed Matt Hatter toys, playsets and figures which go straight to mould rather than being resculpted. This saves time and means Matt Hatter Chronicles toys can be brought to retail much quicker and with greater economies.

The hero character 13 year old Matt Hatter finds himself at the gateway to another reality, a parallel world known as The Multiverse when he moves from the US to his grandpa’s house in Notting Hill. The Hatters are the defenders of the Multiverse gateway. To save this world and the Multiverse, Matt Hatter must do battle with villainous enemies from Legend, Myth and Movie.

The Multiverse is made up of 12 regions such as Sea of Sands, Carnival City and Region of Ruins; each would make an awesome Matt Hatter toy playset.

Platinum in conjunction with Endemol are licensing some of the world’s most preeminent toy companies to market a wide range of Matt Hatter toys and Matt Hatter Chronicles games and merchandise to a growing worldwide Matt Hatter fanbase.

Matt Hatter has some incredibly useful gadgets which will no doubt make great toys, such as the Matt Hatter Cell Blaster, Multivision 3D Specs, Sand Surfer, Bat Wing Flyer and Gladiator Skateboard.

Matt Hatter figures, Matt Hatter playsets and Matt Hatter toys are sure to populate the bestseller lists for many Christmases to come.