Toy-Fi Teddy

Toy-Fi Teddy

Toy-Fi Teddy is an incredible new interactive teddy bear toy from Dragon-I Toys.

Beneath his 12″ soft plush teddy bear exterior lies a wealth of extremely cool interactive electronic features.

Toy-Fi TeddyToy-Fi Teddy is such a smart plush bear that you can even send him messages from your tablet or smartphone. Kids can reply to parents or friends straight from their Toy-Fi Teddy.

All you need to do is download the Toy-Fi app and the smart communication is handled by the bear’s inbuilt Bluetooth gizmo. Toy-Fi Teddy’s red heart flashes when he receives a message. Simply squeeze his paw to reply!

Naturally, Toy-Fi Teddy also features a range of inbuilt games using voice commands such as hide and seek, memory games and loads more.

In short, Dragon-i’s Toy-Fi Teddy really is smarter than the average bear!

Toy-Fi Teddy Bear