Stink Bugzzz

Stink Bugzzz

Stink Bugzzz are the new creepy bug toys that emit real stinks.

Developed by fast-growing US toy company Summit Toys and distributed by Character Options, the Stink Bugzzz are billed as ‘the stinkiest launch of 2014’.

Skunk MantisThe initial collection of nine Stink Bugz includes Muck Maggot with rotten fish smell, Trashy Turdmite with garbage heap odour, Swampy Skeeter with swamp water stink, and Skunk Mantis with skunk spray.

The Bugzzz retail in blister packed sealed jars.

Simply squeeze the Stink Bugz to release a blast of disgusting stinky smells.

Stink Bugzzz Smell BlasterThe Stink Bugzzz Whoopee Bug is a bit like the old fart cushion toy, except sit on this creature and it releases a terrible stink.

The Stink Bugzzz Smell Blaster can shoot bad smells to a distance of 20 feet, and what’s more it features three different fart noises!

The Parasite Pack includes the Stink Bugzzz Master Blaster; load one of the Garbage Gang and blast away.

Trash Pack fans will be dying to catch a whiff of Character’s Stink Bugzzz toys.

Stink Bugzzz Muck Maggot

Stink Bugzzz