Locksies Toy Dolls

Locksies toys are the latest fashion dolls from Bandai.

Bandai have introduced Locksies as an extension of the Harumika dolls brand with innovative lock and style mechanism.

Select your fashion and styles then simply fix the material and ribbon with the locking key in the doll’s back.

The initial range features four new Locksies dolls to collect – Kari, Mikki, Rikki and Elli. Each doll comes with three different colourful fabrics, two ribbons and a pair of shoes. Locksies all include their very own fashion accessories.

Wannabe designers can mix and match the fabrics and accessories to each Locksies doll. Additional Locksies Fashion Refill Packs available separately contain four different fabrics and a ribbon.

Also available are Locksies Designer Room Playsets with themes including Lounge in Style and Slumber Party in Style. These playsets use the same wrap and lock technique to decorate playset interiors, furniture and walls. Each playset comes with a Locksies doll and range of interior design accessories.

The pink Locksies toy car opens out to become a vanity studio playset.

Further assortments of Bandai’s Locksies toys will be released with a dance theme and each doll will come with its own pet.

Locksies Toy Dolls