Singalongz Pets

Singalongz are the cute new sing along toys from Wow!Stuff.

The initial range has four Singalongz pets to collect, each with its own unique voice and character. The Singalongz are Dally the Duck, Me-Me the pink cat, Ruftey the dog and Cobey the bear.

Singalongz Toys - Dally

Singalongz Dally Duck has a unique voice and always stands out from the crowd. Me-me has a diva cat voice. Cobey has a big deep bear voice and loves hip hop. Ruftey has a crazy dog voice and likes rock.

Singalongz toys can stand alone as wonderful cuddly plush toys. But press the Sing-a-link star on the pets arm and they instantly sing along with you as you sing into the special Singalongz microphone.

Singalongz Me-me the Cat
Me-me the Cat

Singalongz can also repeat everything you say. What’s more if you collect and connect the pets they will even sing together in harmony though each maintains its own distinct voice!

Singalongz toys are aimed at anyone over the age of 3 and retail at a not unreasonable £29.99.

Singalongz Ruftey the Dog
Singalongz Ruftey the Dog

Singalongz Cobey the Bear
Singalongz Cobey the Bear