Combat Creatures

Combat Creatures Toys

Combat Creatures is an amazing new brand of battling electronic robot toys from Wow!Stuff.

First up in the Combat Creatures range is the awesome Attacknid robot spider toy. Using the ultra cool wireless remote, control the Attacknid’s 360 degree rotating head and fire foam Dissector Discs up to 30 feet.

Combat Creatures Attacknid
Combat Creatures Attacknid

The Attacknids have six legs protected with clip-on armour that ‘explodes’ on impact. What’s more, if you hit the Attacknids brain three times the robot is disabled. The Attacknid toy will also fire Snyper Darts and Destroyer Spheres, available as extras.

The initial Combat Creatures Attacknid comes in red and black with more versions to follow including blue and silver.

Combat Creatures Attacknids - Silver, Red & Blue
Silver, Red and Blue Attacknids

The blue Combat Creatures Attacknid Stryder, along with the red Doom Razor Attacknid, fire all new Snypa Darts.

The Attacknids robot is not small, standing around 10″ high and retails at around £69.99. Assortments of accessories and weapons will be released in waves through 2013.

Combat Creatures Toys
Combat Creatures Accessory Sets (Click to Enlarge)

Look out for Exploda Armor, Snypa Powa-Darts, Dissector Powa-Discs, Destroyer Powa-Spheres and Destroyer RC Sphere Blaster accessory sets.

The Wow!Stuff toy boffins are developing even more sophisticated Combat Creatures toys for future releases. Watch this space!

Combat Creatures Attacknid Toy
Combat Creatures Attacknid