Roboz Toys


Roboz toys are real life versions of robot characters from the Roboz app.

The new Roboz app is available to download from the App Store. Good Roboz do battle with evil Roboz for control of their virtual world. Race around major cities and discover hidden Roboz characters.

In total there are 16 Roboz figures to collect. Each robot figure has unique characteristics with a different name, colour and features. All are made from tough, durable plastic and have a solid display base.

Roboz characters, such as Sparky, Rocky, Nekta, Botz and Robo, have different robot powers and skills, including IQ, Skills, Top Speed, Strength, Speech Level and Visual Powers.

Every Roboz figure comes with a collectable card with its own gameplay based on the skill factors and intelligence levels of each robot.

Roboz toys are currently available from the dedicated website and retail at the pocket money price of £2.50.

Roboz Toys