Qixels Toys

Qixels is a brand new type of creative construction toy from Character.

Multi-award winning Character Options are one of the UK’s most successful toy companies, consistently coming up with innovative new concepts as well as tried and trusted brands.

Qixels toys offer a new twist on an old favourite. Using multi-coloured micro-cubes of plastic that slot into a construction board kids can create their own pixelated character toys. The best thing is that Qixels require no heat, no hot iron to meld together. Simply spray with water, allow to dry and, as if by magic, your new plastic pixel toy is ready to be played with!

The Qixels Fuse Blaster is a spray gun that delivers a perfect shot of fine mist to finish off your designs. The Qixels Fuse Blaster set comes with 6 design boards, 400 cubes and even includes display stands to show off your finished toys.

Also available, the Qixels Turbo Dryer set that fuses the cubes in half the time. Simply set the Qixels cubes out in the pattern you want, spray with water, close the cover and press the plunger to set it spinning.

The range includes several themed refill packs including monsters, warriors and deep sea characters.

Kids are so used to the idea of pixelated characters from the video game world. Being able to make their very own pixel characters should make Character’s Qixels toys a very quick sell indeed!

Qixels Toys

Qixels Refills Packs
Qixels Refills Packs
Qixels Fuse Blaster Gun
Qixels Fuse Blaster
Qixels Turbo Dryer Playset
Qixels Turbo Dryer