Bubba Dubbas

Bubba Dubbas Toys

Bubba Dubbas toys are the zany new annoying baby toys.

There are several Bubba Dubbas to collect. Each have baby themed names such as Cutie Pie Katie and Milky Ray. But wake them up, and they’re not so cute! Beneath their beautifully painted exteriors, these toy babies are stuffed full of the latest interactive electronics.

Bubba Dubbas react not only to noises around them, but also to each other. As in real life, once one starts going it sets the others off. The Bubba Dubbas spring to life by rolling about, popping their giant mouths open and crying and screaming out demands such as ‘I want a Pony!’ or ‘Feed My Belly!’

Bubba Dubbas toys give a whole new meaning to the old phrase ‘Sssh, don’t wake the baby!’

Bubba Dubbas Toys