Plushie Morphs

Plushie Morphs

Plushie Morphs are the incredible new transforming plush toys.

At launch the line includes Hero Cat and Hero Dog, though more Hero Pets are set to follow soon. Simply fold out the soft tail, paw and head mask parts to morph your plushie into a super hero and back again.

Plushie Morphs are easily transformed by even the youngest pre-schoolers and appeal to boys, girls and adults equally. The plush teddies stand around 35cm tall are and made from fully machine washable micro-fleece type fabrics.

Look out also for the Plushie Morphs Rebel Pets which are ideal counterparts to take on the Hero Pets.

Great for improving dexterity, roleplay and enhanced storytelling fun, Plushie Morphs could literally transform the plush toy market!

Plushie Morph Hero Dog