Pet Parade

Pet Parade

Pet Parade toys are the new realistic puppy figures from Flair.

To begin with there are six puppies in the Pet Parade range including Pug, Dalmatian and Labrador. These are available individually or in twinpacks.

In addition, other puppy breeds are found exclusively in the deluxe packs which come with extra doggy accessories. The deluxe Pet Parade sets feature an interactive post box playset as well as a care and training playset with great fun Chase the Butterflies and Fetch the Ball games.

The really smart thing about Pet Parade puppies is that each pet has a special button on it’s back which can make it walk, wag its tail, move its eyes and even roll its eyes.

Other classic Pet Parade tricks include puppy picking up its bone and, just like in real life, being taken for a walk on the lead. Each pup stands 10cm high, retails individually at £9.99, and comes with a lead, collar and bone.

One of the exclusive breeds, that includes extra accessories, is found with the Pet Parade Carry Kit that retails at £14.99. The Grooming and Training Playset comes with another exclusive puppy. Keep your pets even more entertained with the Train and Treat playset.

Toy Pet Parade puppies are just like the real thing in almost every respect except one – all those little accidents on the carpet!

Pet Parade Carry Kit Toy