Palm Pals

Palm Pals Toys

Palm Pals toys are the cute interactive handheld pets from Character Options.

Initially there are six colourful Palm Pals birds and six Palm Pals butterfly toys to collect.

Palm Pals Toy Birds

The Palm Pals birds are small soft plush covered budgies that sit in the palm of your hand. Stroke their backs and they move their beaks and sing!

Palm Pals BirdsThe six Palm Pals birds to collect include Bubbly, Angelica, Polly, Sparky, Buddy and Cheep. Each singing toy bird comes with its very own bird cage home.

Palm Pals butterflies come with their own toy butterfly house. Each beautifully decorated butterfly has its own magnetic flower to sit on. Palm Pals butterflies have wonderfully lifelike wings that magically flutter, just like a real butterfly.

Palm Pals toys are the ideal handheld pet companions.

Palm Pals Butterfly Toys