Make Your Case

Make Your Case Toys

Make Your Case toys are the clever new arts and crafts toys for designing unique smart phone covers.

Distributed in the UK by fast-growing listed toy company Character Options, Make Your Case allows kids to design distinctive cases for smart phones and devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy.

With the Make Your Case Case Maker set you can even mould your own smart phone cover. Just mix the coloured plastics in the mould and wait for the mixture to set. Unclip the mould and, hey presto, you have a new iPhone case!

Make Your Case ToysThere are a variety of Make Your Case playsets to choose from. Each playset includes coloured cases, plastic case backs, and different designer craft kits.

One set includes coloured wool for cross stitch patterns, another has decorative sticky tape, and the Spin Art set has paints to spin into unique spin patterned covers.

Character’s Make Your Case playsets offer a unique mix of contemporary hi-tech and traditional arts and crafts toys.

Make Your Case Toys