Mutant Pollutants

Mutant Pollutants Toys

Mutant Pollutants toys are the toxic new weapon in Character Option’s battle for toy supremacy.

The Mutant Pollutants are distributed in the UK by Oldham-based Character Options. The Mutants are an original creation of Zuru Toys who started life making toys from a garage in New Zealand.

In the beginning the Sucker Factory was overflowing with toxic pollution. Some creatures were contaminated, and the Mutant Pollutants were born.

Series 1 Mutant Pollutants features 52 collectable figures sub-divided into four pollution-themed groups; Bio Hazard, Thermal Radiation, Toxic Waste and the hard to find Heavy Metals.

Mutant Pollutants figures come blind packed in foil bags with a collector’s leaflet. Three pack and five pack figure sets are also available. Look out for rare figures and the must-have Sucker Factory playset.

These toxic critters feature great fun suckers with which they can easily be joined together and stuck to virtually anything.

Mutant Pollutants toys spread a fun recycling message and will appeal to new collectors and Trash pack fans.