Morbs Toys
Morbs Toys

Morbs toys, or Battle Morphing Orbs, are a new collectable toy brand from Italian toy giant Giochi Preziosi, distributed in the UK by Flair plc.

Morbs Packs & Insert

Morbs are a playground craze type of toy but with radical new urban edge styling. The street designs of the toy Morbs warriors and monsters demonstrate just how much the toy industry is increasingly lead by fashion.

Morbs Chatterbox & Chomp: Click to Enlarge
Morbs Chatterbox & Chomp

Morbs toys are plastic balls that clip together and contain an ingenious pivoting body within. When unclipped or thrown Morbs morph into funky large-headed street characters with warrior and monster themes. The little arms of Morbs even have articulation.

Morbs Toys Collector Leaflet
Morbs Collector Leaflet: Click to Enlarge

Morbs are sold in blind bags containing one Morb toy and one Morbs Collectors Leaflet with 24 different toys to collect in the first wave of Morbs, though there are loads more on the way.

Along with the individual packs you can also get triple and four packs of Morbs figures, some including removable accessories.

New Morbs Toys
New Morbs Figures

Morbs toys released to date include the Mega Morb which actually shoots Morbs. The Morbs Super Sonic Jet fires missiles and you can also pop the toy Morbs Jet pilot out of the cockpit and watch him morph. Morbs Battle Fortress fires Morbs toys from the Morbs Cannon into the Fortress. The Morbs UFO includes a green alien Morb. Robo Morb has a motorized walking feature. Each Morbs playsets contains an exclusive character.

With contemporary styling, and innovative gameplay Morbs toys look to be a toy brand that could really morph into something special.

Morbs UFO, Mega Morb & Robo Morb
Morbs UFO, Mega Morb & Robo Morb