Micro Chargers

Micro Chargers Toys

Micro Chargers is a new brand of chargeable toy car from UK toy maker Flair.

Micro Chargers Car
Micro Chargers Car

The unique point about Flair’s Micro Chargers are their amazing ability to be fully charged up and ready to race in seconds.

Micro Chargers cars are designed in a 1:175 scale. Meaning these toy cars can reach incredible track equivalent speeds of over 600 miles per hour. The micro cars feature 21st century styling and come with hand-held chargers which double as race launchers.

Also available are several Micro Chargers sets which feature exclusive cars. Collect the inter connecting Loop Track Set for performing loop the loops; Jump Track Set for jumping at speed; and, the hero-product Time Track Set.

Micro Chargers Time Track Set
Micro Chargers Track

The Micro Chargers Time Track Playset includes a four car charger with a timer and track to make bridges and hairpins bends.

Micro Chargers cars retail at a reasonable £6.99 for booster packs and £12.99 for the launcher packs.

In the already crowded boys vehicle market, Flair’s Micro Chargers brand should be a very competitive new entrant.

Micro Chargers Cars
Micro Chargers Cars