Cutie Pops

Cutie Pops Toys

Cutie Pops toys include Cutie Pops dolls and Cutie Pops Pets, plus accessories.

Distributed by Vivid in the UK, Cutie Pops dolls are the creation of Californian company Jada Toys. Cutie Pops can easily be personalised with their unique ‘style pops’ accessories. Cutie Pops hair, accessories and even eyes can be popped in and out and interchanged.

Cutie Pops Toys
Cutie Pops Dolls

An assortment of Cutie Pops dolls are initially set for release. Coco loves chocolate, Candy loves candies, Cookie loves cookies, and Velvet loves cupcakes.

The Cutie Pops Pets are incredibly cute puppies called Taffy, Sprinkles and Snickerdoodles. Each pet comes with twin sets of ears and tails plus cute fashion accessories that you can ‘pop’ on.

Accessory packs include Cutie Pops Fashion Packs, Hair and Eye Deco Packs, and Style Pop Packs.

The most-desired Cutie Pops toy will be the Cutie Pops Decoration Station; a Cutie Pops carry case that transforms into a dressing room with fashion mirror and pull-out runway.

With their cute styling and unique pop-on accessories, Cutie Pops are sure to be a toy brand that will win many girls over.